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Laurie qualified from the prestigious European School of Osteopathy, where he completed his Master’s degree in Osteopathy, in 2018. Laurie is registered with the GOsC and is a member of ICAK-UK, NIMH, and the Institute of Osteopathy.

Whilst still a student at the European School of Osteopathy, Laurie undertook additional training on weekends with ICAK-UK (Applied Kinesiology) to refine his diagnostic skills. Laurie was the first osteopath in the UK to complete this post-graduate course while still an undergraduate.
Combining osteopathic examination with Applied Kinesiology (advanced muscle testing) allows him to identify the subtle dysfunctions which are often the root causes of problems. He then uses structural, functional, visceral (organ) and cranial techniques to treat these dysfunctions. 
AK guarantees that treatment is tailored to each patient’s particular needs and is remarkably effective, resulting in many patients commenting that they are surprised such gentle techniques can provide such benefits.

For two years, he ran a student society that had the purpose of inviting guest lecturers to give talks to students. During this time, Laurie had a unique opportunity to network with some of the UK’s leading osteopaths and learn from their many years of experience.

Laurie sees every age group – from babies and children to 100-year-olds; from dancers and models to athletes, office workers, pregnant women, children, and everyone in between.
Laurie also provides pitch-side first aid for a local rugby team.

He treats a broad range of presentations, including:

-any musculoskeletal issue (back pain, neck pain, rib dysfunction, sciatica, osteoarthritis, shoulder problems, frozen shoulder, tennis & golfers elbow, sprains, Dupuytren’s, ankle problems, foot pain such as Morton’s neuroma, scoliosis, knee and hip pain/problems, coccydynia/coccyx pain, sports injuries, shin splints etc)
-chronic/long-standing problems
-headaches (cervicogenic, tension type, migraines, sinusitis)
-pregnancy-related (pelvic girdle pain, heartburn, hypermobility-related etc)
-gait issues


Laurie hails from a truly osteopathic background – his grandfather, uncle, and father were all leading osteopaths (and herbalists).

On top of this, some of the best osteopaths in the country were close family friends.

He considers himself privileged to have been so exposed to osteopathy and herbal medicine, as it is this exposure that sparked his interest from a young age.

Laurie spent his childhood in the UK before moving to Germany during his teenage years. Before returning to England to become an osteopath, Laurie spent a year in India volunteering as an assistant teacher in a village school.

Parallel to working as an osteopath, Laurie is a part-time herbal medicine student since 2020, and is set to qualify in 2025.

When Laurie isn’t working or studying, he enjoys hiking, sailing, playing football, climbing, backpacking, reading or listening to music.

To book a Home Visit Osteopathy appointment with Laurie, please call 07793 250917.

Home Visit Appointment Fee: from £120 (subject to location)

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