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How Could Herbal Medicine Help You?
Herbal medicine dates back to early civilisation and today is practised all over the world. Thousands of years of accumulated knowledge about the uses of herbs have been documented, and updated by modern research – this confirms their value in the healing process.

The natural whole plants used in the preparation of herbal remedies have many active ingredients that interact and work together to achieve the total medicinal effect. A herbalist aims to identify and target the underlying causes of illness, not just to suppress symptoms, as is the usual purpose of conventional drugs. Many herbs work to stimulate the body’s own healing power and to restore balance.

Herbal medicines have an excellent safety record, they avoid the unpleasant and often severe side-effects of orthodox drugs. They should be prescribed by a fully trained practitioner and suited to the individual patient.

The plants used are specially grown in England or imported from many parts of the world, and are carefully selected as top quality plants for the preparation of plant medicines of consistent reliability.

What Symptoms Can Herbal Medicine Help?
Skin disorders, stress-related conditions, migraines, arthritis, heart conditions, allergies, urinary issues, respiratory disorders, depression, digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and indigestion. Other issues include gynaecological problems such as PMS and menopause, including menopausal hot flushes.

You do not have to be ill to benefit from herbal treatment. You may just feel a little weak or tired and low. Herbs have been found to work to restore the body’s natural harmony to help you back to feeling really well.

How Does Herbal Medicine Work With Prescribed Medicine Recommended By A Medical Doctor?
Herbalists welcome consultations with medical doctors and other health professionals. Any medication that you are already receiving is taken into consideration. You may need to continue your current treatment alongside the herbal remedy. It is imperative that you do not stop your treatment with a medical doctor without further advice.


David Melrose

Osteopath, Applied Kinesiologist & Herbalist

David Melrose is in full time practice, and sees around 80 to 100 patients per week. He qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1979, and then from the European College of Osteopathy in 1980. He is fully insured and has had specialist recognition with PPP Healthcare, AXA, Simply Health, Prudential and BUPA since 1998 & now with Cigna


Monday–Thursday at Aston Clinic London in New Malden

*Cigna Recognised Provider*

Available Upon Request:
Free 10-Min Telephone Pre-Consultation for New Patients at New Malden

Alternate Wednesdays 1.30pm—3.30pm at Bolsover Street, Central London



Initial Consultation (40 mins) £79
Follow-Up (20 mins) £73
Double appointments (40 mins) £128


Initial Consultation (40 mins) £185
Follow-Up (20 mins) £150
Double appointments (40 mins) £205


Angelique Vickers

Medical Herbalist

Angelique Vickers graduated with a BSc in Herbal Medicine with First Class Honours from the University of Westminster. As a medical herbalist, she practises holistic medicine with an aim to treat the underlying causes of illness, thus helping to restore the body to a natural state.


Fridays 8am—1pm

Available Upon Request : 
Free 20-Min Telephone Pre-Consultation

Catarina Yue

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Catarina achieved a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She provides holistic and comprehensive therapeutic solutions including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for her patients.  She also gives advice on dietary and lifestyle modification to enhance the therapeutic effects of her treatment.


Mondays 9.30am—2pm
Thursdays 9.30am—2pm


Initial Consultation (90 mins) £75
Follow-Up (1 hr) £68

Chinese Herbal Medicine Initial Consultation (1 hr) £45
Chinese Herbal Medicine Follow-up (45 min) £30
Herbal Medicine £48 per week


To book Herbal Medicine in New Malden or in Marylebone (Central London), phone 020 8942 3148 or email Aston Clinic London.

Aston Clinic London is a third-generation complementary health clinic based in New Malden and serves the local areas of Kingston, Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Surbiton, Chessington, Worcester Park, Sutton, Morden, and other areas of southwest London and Surrey.