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Therapies Offered:


Osteopathy is an established complementary therapy that aims to improve health across all body systems by manipulating & strengthening the musculoskeletal framework.
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Herbal medicine dates back to early civilization and today is practised all over the world. Thousands of years of accumulated knowledge about the uses of herbs have been documented, and updated by modern research.
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Applied Kinesiology is a fascinating diagnostic system using muscle testing. AK may be used to help identify both the causes of a particular issue and the most appropriate therapy necessary.
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Cranial Osteopathy is a subtle but very effective osteopathic approach that focuses on tensions and stresses of the head and sacrum.
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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical technique for relieving pain, curing disease, and improving general health. It is now used all over the world.
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Massage reduces muscle tension and improves blood circulation to the muscles.
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Podiatrists treat diseases and disorders of the feet.
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Reflexology theory is based on the principle that all parts of the body are mapped onto the feet and hands.
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Counselling offers a safe time and space in which to air concerns and reflect.
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CBT can change your attitudes towards things. Hopes, wants, and desires are all attitudes—as are fears, worries, and phobias.
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Hypnotherapists help induce hypnosis, a state of natural relaxation in which unwanted feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns can be released.
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This is a type of talking therapy, whereby regular interaction with your therapist could help you to understand your feelings, and what makes you feel positive, anxious, or depressed.
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This is a type of talking therapy, whereby regular interaction with your therapist could help you to understand your feelings, and what makes you feel positive, anxious, or depressed.
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Homeopathy is a holistic medicine which uses specially prepared, highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering the body’s own healing mechanisms.
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Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.
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We also offer Osteopathy and Herbal Medicine in Marylebone, London. 

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What our patients have to say...

Over the years, I have received treatment from both David and Laurie for a chronic back problem. The pain can be excruciating, but their skills and expertise have got me out of trouble in just a few sessions. The reception staff are polite and friendly, and the clinic has a tranquil and soothing ambience. I highly recommend it. — [Laura Anderson]

My 3 appointments with Laurie at the Aston clinic helped hugely with my shoulder pain. After 2 weeks the pain completely disappeared. He was very skilled in identifying the source of the problem and had a very gentle but effective approach in treating me. I would definitely recommend Laurie to others. — [Dorothy M]

We have used various services offered by the clinic for over a decade and it has had a positive effect on our lives. — [Rob Geeson]

I have been coming to the Aston Clinic for osteopathy and herbal medicine for over 10 years. Over the years, I have been treated for neck pain, shoulder pain (torn rotator cuff), Tarlov cysts and associated low back pain. David and Laurie use muscle testing to get to the root of problems and it has been a life saver for me. So very grateful for all they have done. I have recommended lots of friends and family over the years and they have all been very pleased with the help they have received. — [Camilla M]

Excellent and professional service. David Melrose was able to make a real difference to my mobility in one session – truly amazing. — [Valerie Foote]

Suffering from a sciatica. Was in extreme pain when I arrived at the clinic. It took weeks to eventually get better. Without David’s treatment I probably would still be lying on the floor taking painkillers. Thank you for listening to me and for your incredible patience and skill. — [Annick Gianicoli]

Following a ski accident and hip operation, I had been in pain for almost 3 years before meeting David. I felt better after the first meeting and within months I am nearly back to my old self. David took the time to find out exactly what was wrong with me and week by week solved the issues that were causing me pain. He is a miracle worker! — [Nathalie Ridge]