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The Top Five Reasons to Have a Chiropody Visit 

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Foot health is often the most overlooked aspect of our overall wellness, despite the fact that feet literally carry us throughout our lives!

Foot health is an integral determinant of the quality of our lives. Whether we spend most of our days walking, standing, running, or even sitting down, a healthy set of feet can make our days a lot easier. If you didnt know already, there is a specific profession to help you take care of just that: Chiropody ……..

What is Chiropody?

Chiropody, also called Podiatry, is a health care profession that specializes in assessing the health of the foot, managing any problems, and preventing any future disorders and illnesses.

Chiropody and Podiatry are often used interchangeably and mean the same thing – Chiropody is the term widely used in the UK, while podiatry is used in the United States.

Podiatry (Chiropody) vs Pedicures

Although a Chiropodist is a registered health care professional, some people are still often confused at how Chiropody is different from the standard pedicure treatment in a local nail salon. Heres how Chiropody is different:

  • Chiropodists are qualified medical professionals who are skilled at spotting and managing health problems in the feet.
  • Chiropody involves a completely different set of equipment that is more specialized in managing foot problems.
  • Theres a negligible risk of infection with Chiropody as its a medical health profession operating at high levels of hygiene with properly sterilized equipment.
  • A Chiropodist can advise you on how to make better choices for your feet by helping you find the right footwear to prevent future problems.

Why Should You Visit a Chiropodist?

  1. You Can Tell A LOT About a Person’s Health from Their Feet

Our feet are not completely isolated from the rest of their body, and in fact, their distal site makes them a brilliant site to catch diseases early. The feet are frequently one of the first regions of the body to display concerning warning signals of more serious systemic problems, such as diabetes, anaemia, and even cardiovascular problems.

  1. Chiropody is a Diabetic’s Best Friend

Many people develop diabetic neuropathy as their disease advances, resulting in diminished feeling and healing capacity. When these two elements come together, the diabetic’s foot becomes a prime target for serious injuries.

To prevent infection, a Chiropodist will treat your feet with medically sterile and clean methods. In some cases, your chiropodist may recommend ways to unload pressure points that are infected or broken beneath the surface. In these circumstances, having a trained eye can aid in the treatment and prevention of infections before they become too serious.

  1. Toenails Problem Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Having thick or discoloured toenails isn’t something that should be overlooked. While it could be a sign of a fungal infection, it could also be hinting at something more serious. An experienced Chiropodist can tell the difference between infections and other toenail problems, spot the signs of serious health problems, and get you properly assessed. A Chiropodist can also deal with ingrown toenails and the painful infection that comes along with it.

  1. Always Follow Up After Foot Injuries

If you’ve had a foot or ankle injury in the past, a regular Chiropodist visit might do you good. Your Chiropodist will let you know how your feet or ankle are healing and spot small problems that might lead to serious deformities later on.

  1. Corns, Calluses, and Warts are Different Things

Corns and calluses form due to the constant pressure over the weight-bearing areas in our feet. On the other hand, warts are most commonly due to an HPV infection, but can occur due to other reasons and require a completely different approach in treatment.  In general, lumpy masses in the feet (or anywhere in the body) shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re suffering from corns and calluses, then your Chiropodist can help you prevent its complications and find you suitable shoe wear. As for warts, your Chiropodist will help pinpoint their exact cause and discuss with you the possible treatment options.

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The Aston Clinic is a third-generation complementary health clinic based in New Malden and serves the local areas of Kingston, Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Surbiton, Chessington, Worcester Park, Sutton and other areas of southwest London.


To book Podiatry in New Malden, please telephone 020 8942 3148 or contact Aston Clinic London.

The Aston Clinic London Ltd is a third-generation complementary health clinic based in New Malden and serves the local areas of Kingston, Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Surbiton, Chessington, Worcester Park, Sutton and other areas of southwest London.



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